What is Immigration?

The term immigration is used to denote the act of entering a specific country in order to acquire permanent residence there. There are many reasons as to why people opt for immigration, and are typically inclusive of family re-unification, political and economic issues, as well as the need or desire for one to change his or her surroundings on a voluntary basis.

Back in the year 2006, it was estimated by the International Organization for Migration that the number of foreign immigrants all through the world was above 200 million. In terms of statistics, it was Europe that received the maximum immigrants with number reaching a full 70 million in 2005. An interesting fact that must be mentioned here is that a majority of these immigrants originated from Asia. On the whole, the number of international immigrants all through the world at times goes up to a record 3 percent of the population of the world, as was the case in 2005. These numbers have continually increased, with people wanting to immigrate to foreign lands with the help of the best immigration consultants in Dubai to deal with the political and economic situations in their native lands and countries.

What are immigrants?

Immigrants are basically people who are citizens of one country, but enter a different country with the intent to acquire permanent residence. However, the one thing that you need to bear in mind here is that just entering a country does not in any way make you its immigrant. For instance, when traveling for tourism purposes, you do not become an immigrant of the destination that you have chosen. In order to become an immigrant, it is necessary for you to be a citizen of one country, and visit another country with the aim of living there on a permanent basis.

Now, when it comes to immigrants, there are two classifications that you should know about. For starters, there are legal immigrants, and then there are illegal immigrants. Here’s a bit of information about both these classifications:

Legal Immigrants
Legal immigrants are basically people who enter a particular country with the sole intent of acquiring permanent residence by initially applying for the proper visa. These immigrants actually attain proper clearance from the right authorities to enter the country and start living there on a permanent basis. Visit website for more information in this regard.

Illegal Immigrants
Also known as undocumented immigrants, illegal immigrants are people who enter a country (other than their country of origin) to acquire permanent residence. However, the difference here is that they do not acquire proper clearance from the right authorities to do so.