Experience The Joys Of Desert Safari

Dubai is the crown jewel of the Middle East. It is home to some of the most exotic locations on Earth. Tourists flock in to Dubai from all corners of the world. The city has so much fun to offer that it is impossible to get it all within a week or two. Desert safari tour is one of the most exciting part your Dubai tour. In fact, spending time riding the desert and seeing the wonders of nature up close is so much fun; you would want to spend multiple nights there. Here is more on how to have some real fun during your desert safari Dubai tour this vacation:

The Expedition

From the time you begin your expedition to the time you head home, the desert safari is one memorable tour. There is so much to do in the desert that you may have never thought of. First, you have the latest model SUV at your disposal. You can enjoy the ride as much as you want to. Turn on the volume of your sound system, put the AC on full and ride along in the SUV over the blistering hot sand of desert. That’s just the beginning of the fun.



Skiing On The Sand

You’ve tried it on the snow, but you are lucky enough to try it on the sand. Just make sure to keep your refreshments and water with you while enjoying the ride. Though the environment is controlled to ensure your safety, the hazards like heat are quite real. In short, you will enjoy the true taste of life in the desert. It will also make you realize just how ancient Arabs spent their lives facing such hardships. Coming back to the safari, skiing on the sand is as much fun as on the snow, the only change here is the temperature.

Enjoy The Cool Breeze Evenings

Contrary to what you may have seen during the day, the evenings in the desert are quite pleasant. With a nice breeze blowing around, the transition of desert weather is simply remarkable. Those of you who are touring the safari for the first time, you might find the weather change surprising but that’s how the deserts are. The nights are even cooler.

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