Aligners Care Tips for Aligner Wearers

Aligners is a good alternative to braces, especially for those who opt for a non-invasive treatment to correct their teeth alignment. It has certain advantages that most wearers enjoy.

However, invisible braces Dubai orthodontist need to be taken care off with great caution so it can serve its purpose and helps you more on aligning your teeth. If you are an aligners wearer, here are some care tips that you can follow:

  • Do not eat with your aligners

Some people just have a habit of wearing their aligners while eating. Some even contend that they can do this while eating soft food. But the truth is, whether you are eating a soft food or a full course meal, there will always be chewing involved. Chewing can cause breakage and distortion on your aligners trays. If you are out on a meal, go to the bathroom and remove them and put them on a protective case. After the meal, brush your teeth and put on your aligners tray.


  • Brush your teeth before wearing them

As mentioned, you need to ensure that you brushed your teeth before you put it one, not just after the meal but at all times. In the morning, you have to brush your teeth before putting them. Same goes before you sleep at night. Food debris can cause not only early deterioration to your trays but it can also cause for the trays to smell really bad. And it can also do damage to your teeth.

  • Use the right tools

There are times when the trays can be hard to remove. To ease this process, you might need to buy a special removal tools to pick and loose them from your gums. Ask your dentist if there are available aligners removing tool on his clinic. As much as possible, do no try to remove them with hard objects as it may cause crack on your invisible braces.

  • Clean your trays and case regularly

Some wearers are quite not too keen on cleaning their trays and protective case. But as part of your oral hygiene, you may need to brush and wash your trays and cases with mouthwash to ensure that you will fresh and clean once you used them. Any Hollywood smile dental clinic Dubai dentist or orthodontist would recommend regular cleaning of trays to prevent bacteria from forming on it.

  • Always include a cleaning pack in your bag

Your aligners is an important dental investment so it is a must that you take good care of it to avoid breakage. Be sure to have an aligners cleaning pack with you always to ensure that they are clean and in good condition.