Safety Guidelines You Should Teach Your Children

In today’s society, safety is quite hard to come by. Criminals and felons always found a way to illicit fear and violence to their victims, especially kids. This is why it is important that we inculcate in the minds our children the value of safety and teach them the guidelines they need to follow in the event their safety is being compromised.

Below are the unfortunate situations they might encounter and how they are going to deal with them:

  • In case of natural disasters

Natural disasters such as typhoon, hurricane earthquake is something that we cannot predict. This could happen anytime, and the worse thing, if your kid is at school or not at home. You need to brief your kids on how to respond properly to these situations. For instance, in case of earthquake, they would need to find a secure spot in a building where they can hide (under the table) and not to go out until the safety personnel declare that it is safe to come out of the hiding.


  • In case of fire

Reacting quickly in this kind of situation is the key for survival and your kid should remember that. In case of fire emergencies, they need to know what to do first. If they are inside a building, they need to find the nearest fire exit. Show them the fire exit sign and make sure that they remember them.


  • In case of burglary

No matter how secure your home, there are still instances that burglars can break inside your property. Teach your kids what to do in this eventuality. If your kid is alone when the burglary happens, teach them to hide on spots that is well-hidden from plain sight. If possible, have them know the location of the phone or the keys so they can hide on the car. It would be best if you can have an armored car. This type of vehicle is not easily opened by ordinary individuals. Armored car services build cars that have tight security features so when your kid decides to hide in your vehicle in case of burglary, their safety is secured.


  • When they are on the road

Road accidents are rampant, especially with careless drivers driving around the city.  If they met any road accident, teach your kid not to panic and have them call the authorities to report immediately. In case of an assault, stay calm and do not get out of the vehicle even they are threatened. It would be best if you can invest on bullet proof cars to ensure safety of your kids and loved ones from these instances.