Read This Before Buying An Armored Car

Gone are the days when armored cars were only used by VIPs, armed forces and dignitaries. Today, you see them roaming the streets of your city. Watching armored cars around the neighborhood has become a common sight which doesn’t surprise people as much as it once did. However, there no denying that having an armored car around quite a fun experience. Imagine for a while, driving a quality armored car around with decent protection against firearms along with other luxury features is not a bad idea, or is it? Despite all the fun and protection that armored cars offer, some people are reluctant in investing in it. Though some of the concerns are legitimate, there are several misconceptions roaming around investing in an armored car. Here is more on why should you invest in an armored car:

Comprehensive Protection

Bulletproof cars offer a number of benefits to its users. In fact, you can continue counting them and compared those with what some other luxury vehicle brands offer. Frankly, the comparison becomes moot as you shouldn’t compare a bulletproof car with a non-bulletproof one. Every time you do, the armored car will always emerge as the winner. Perhaps the most important benefit of an armored car is the armor protection it offers. The ballistic protection is uniform, which means that covers almost every part of the car from roof to bonnet.

Other Features

When pitted against an average luxury car, your armored car offers great features. For instance, the engine is usually slightly tweaked to handle the extra load due to adding armor plating. This is a common reason why you see many armored vehicles offering slightly more horsepower compared to ordinary cars. Similarly, the cabin also features several improvements with more comfy seats and a chilling AC. If you live in cold region, the same car also offers excellent heating option. Come to the external features and you will likely fall for the car even more. The car offers excellent suspension that is designed on military standards. The rigid suspension will let your car climb steep terrain and hilly areas. This is not the case with your ordinary car and you have to buy an SUV to cover such terrain. The runflat tires are another novel feature that you seldom find in common cars. These tires are designed to provide your car extra rigidity. They’ll not go flat even if you drive the car over difficult to travel terrain or go off-road.

There is a lot more that your armored vehicles offer you, just buy one to get the firsthand taste of its performance.