How to protect your car’s paint

The painted surface of your vehicle can face various damages in a day and these damages can ruin the painted surface. So many mishap pens can take places such as splattered bugs or cheeky writings with fingers on the surface of the car. Little ignorance from these small things is a cause of the damage. You can easily protect the pain by opting for car tinting deals in Dubai and by following several steps. These steps are very easy and flexible. It can keep the surface shiny and new.

Don’t write on the car with your finger

If you want to protect your car’s paint, you must be careful and don’t neglect the little things. So, the most effective method to protect the car’s paint is to not write against the surface of the car. It might be a weird method but this little method can help you. When you drag your fingers on the dirt surface your fingers act like sandpaper and it causes scratch marks.

Wash on a daily basis

Washing the car every day is an old method and very common method among all the people who have cars. It is a home service provided to the car. If you are not able to provide this service to your car but you need to wipe down your car to put away dust and debris. Although, for car wash, you can use good quality car wash detergent and apply it with foam. You can use a microfiber towel that is suitable for the surface of the car.

Apply paint sealant

Paint sealant provides a protective layer. You have to mix bonding agent in the sealant that can provide you harmless effects. You can use this mixture once or twice in a year. Apply it on the surface of the car and rub it in a circular motion through the towel. After one day of applying this mixture, you have to apply wax on the surface to make it shine. Wax prevents the surface from toxic and corrosive ingredients.

Synthetic coating

You can apply the coat of ceramic and polymer for once and it will perform its task for more than six months. It is now a method of car paint protection and we should apply oar’s car. Although it produces a good result. It protects the paint from sticky things and it is more efficient.

Therefore, all these steps are the low-maintenance way that can keep your car protective from outside. For the inside protection of the car, you can use 3m tinting that can prevent your car from different and harmful effects. Visit for the best tinting deals.