Format of PTE training

PTE training in Dubai is an assessment of individual’s command on English language. It is computer based test that evaluate your proficiency in English language. This test is taken by some companies for calculating their employee understands of English language who are much interested to start their higher education in abroad or some English speaking counties such as New Zealand, UK, USA or Australia. There are many popular institutes that offer PTE and IELTS training in Al- Qusais to those candidates who want to move abroad. In PTE training there are 3 training steps first is speaking & writing second is reading and third is listening.


Here we are going to talk about format of PTE training, let’s know about the format of PTE.


Step 1: Speaking & Writing:

In this step candidates have to show their skills verbally and in written. This step is usually started with your introduction and you must give your introduction. In introduction they don’t count any score but give idea about your background. There are various tasks relating to speaking like:

  • Seeing any line of text that appears on computer and you has to read out loudly.
  • Reciting an image or photograph.
  • You have to listen to a sentence and then repeat it.
  • You have to give answers on responsive questions.

After completing this session here comes writing tasks, you have to write a passage about 300 words on a sentence. Then they give you some certain topics and you have to write on this topic about 300 words.


Step 2: Reading:

In this section they take test about candidate’s reading skills. In this task candidates have to read many passages and then have to reply to the questions that are related to the text. There could be this kind of questions like:

  • Reordering the paragraphs
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple choices

This is shortest part of the test and it can take approximately 32-41 minutes of candidate.

Step 3: Listening:

After completing reading section, here comes listening section. There are many audio recordings that you have to listen carefully and then have to reply to the questions. In multiple choices they ask you questions about audio recordings and you must select the right answer from the questions. Some questions have single correct answer and in some cases there is more one correct answer.