Difference between a couch and a sofa

Even though sofa and couch may seem like the same thing considering the fact that they provide a comfortable seating place to rest in a living room, they are actually very different from one another. If you look closely, the one fundamental difference that you would find is that sofa consists of arm while couch doesn’t. While there is a much detailed explanation to the differences, the key difference should be enough to know who is who. Other differences include:

  • Seating accommodation

This is also the main important difference which means that a couch can accommodate only 2-3 people as per the size of it while a sofa is designed to squeeze in 4 or more people. Sofas are evidently larger than couches and this is why they are considered more often. There are two seater sofas also available which are commonly referred to love seats. They are the mini version of sofas which can squeeze in only 2 instead of 4.

  • Uses

You may not know this but couches are meant to be lied upon than sat. You know that moment when you are watching TV in the living room and you suddenly fall asleep and wake up to find your leg cramped in the small sofa of yours? Well, this is the moment that couches were built for which means that they don’t have an armrest so that it can fit legs. Yes the topic is debatable, but the gist is the same.

  • Location

One simple and the obvious thing is that sofas are meant to be seated upon which could accommodate 4 plus people in a formal space of living room. While couches are meant to be less formal and supposed to be lied upon, this is the reason that they are placed in the more intimate sections of the house where laying down and sleeping is expected. You can place a couch in the corner of your master bedroom along with a pretty little side table where you can work without disturbing the beauty of your bed. A sofa can be placed in living rooms where you can hold a formal gathering.

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