5 Personality Traits That You Should Look For In An Architect

When looking for architects in UAE, most clients look for the skills and expertise. Although it is not wrong to check the wealth of experience of an architect, it is also imperative that you look beyond the portfolio and see if your prospective architect has the skills and attitude to boot.

Here are some of the traits that you need to look for in an architect when you are scouting one for an upcoming project:

  1. Creativity

Being a designer and planner, it is a must for architects to be innovative to able to create stunning designs that will wow the client. But he/she should be in the know and a risk-taker as well. He/she needs to showcase his/her creative side during presentation. But, they also need to know when to restrain themselves and produce an output that would meet the client expectations.

  1. Passion for work

Some architects do their tasks to earn for a living. Although getting paid for it is part of the job, they also need to have that passion and devotion to design and plan stunning architectural structures that they can be proud of. Having passion for work would enable architects to do their job with enthusiasm. Also it would enable them show grit during the times when handling a project may seem difficult and overwhelming.

  1. Team player

Architects do work on their own, but most of the time they will be working with a number of people, including the client. An architect should have the collaborative attitude and trait to work with others. You need to be open to criticisms from your superiors and a little bit accepting on ideas of other team members. It is okay to disagree, but do it politely and with respect.

  1. Ability to lead

Project architect will handle a team of junior architects at one point on their career. He/she should know how to handle people and manage a project. This is both a science and an art. You need to marry the two concept and compromise to ensure that the project will be accomplished in time and on budget.

  1. Communicative

Architects are expected to communicate their ideas, not only to their team members but to clients as well. He/she should know how to relay their ideas clearly. He/she should be able to explain his/her designs to get approval.

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