Robotic Vacuum Buying Guide

With so many robotic vacuum cleaners available in the market and new models coming out every now and then, it is hard to decide which is the right one to use. Many people randomly buy a robotic vacuum cleaner without judging it or their needs. What is the use of buying a $500 vacuum cleaner if it does not perform its tasks effectively?  There are a few models out there that even increase your work rather than helping you with it. So, rather than trying new robotic vacuums every day and wasting so much of your hard earned money, it is better to do a little planning and decide on the right one for you before purchasing one.

Now, the question is, how can you find the right robotic vacuum for hardwood floors dubai for your home? You do not have to go through long lists of models and do hours of research on each one of them. Doing so will just waste your time, whereas saving time is the motivation behind buying a robotic cleaner in the first place. So, to help you to find the right robotic vacuum, given here is a precise robotic vacuum buying guide.

Points to ponder

Here are a few things which will help you pick out the perfect robotic vacuum for all your cleaning needs:

Automatic or manual

Many robotic cleaners come with a remote controller, which allow you to control it from a distance. Also, you do not have to set it; it just takes care of everything by itself. On the other hand, manual ones are also commonly available in the market. So, if you want more control over it, you can choose one that has manual settings.


This depends on whether you require the cleaner for the purpose of vacuuming, or you want it to wash as well – it basically depends on your primary needs. This feature is not found in most of the robotic cleaners, so if this is your primary priority than a lot of your current options will be cancelled out of the list.


The right choice highly depends on your budget for the cleaner. Robotic cleaners generally tend to vary in terms of price, so this is one of the most basic options that you need to consider. Find out robotic vacuums in your price range and then start to further classify them according to their features and your needs. Visit website for more information.

Rooms to clean and battery life

The right choice also depends on the number of rooms you need to clean, and whether it has the capability to store this much dust and debris in it. You also need to consider the battery life of the robotic cleaner that you are interested in.