Effective company formation and running strategies

From time immemorial, Dubai has been known to be the world’s marketing zone. The whole world comes to shop in Dubai and this has been so for the past six centuries. This is why UAE laid strategies to invite as many investors as possible. Today, Dubai is one of the biggest re-export centers in the world. It is with this effect that company formation has to be procedural. Certain guidelines are put in place if you want to have your company operate in UAE. Here are some types of licenses that you should get depending on the kind of business you want to start including that for an auditing company in DMCC:

Trade license: This is a kind of license that is issue to a juridical or natural person in order to engage in buying and selling of good with an aim of making profits. The license is issued to people who want to practice retail and wholesale business like hotels, contractors, storing establishment and transport, among many others.

Industrial license: This is the kind of licenses that are issued to a juridical or natural person who want to engage in transforming a raw material or discover a natural resource in a fully consumable product. It is also issued to a person whose aim is to transform a semi-manufactured product into a final product for consumption. There must be the usage of mechanical power as well segregation, packing, assembling or filling of products

Professional license: This is a kind of license that is offered to a juridical or natural person who wishes to engage in any profession where he/she depends on mental and physical endeavors which is partially opposed to depending on cash capital in the intended activities. These professions can be auditing company in Dubai airport free zones, accounting, engineering consultancy, company formation, and medical and academic services, among others.

After company formation, you need other crucial services like accounting and conducting of audits. There are awesome chartered accountants firms that gives great services in accounting. The firms are dedicated to give all your accounting assistance in your company at the most affordable cost.

Choosing auditing companies can be a hectic task. You have to have guidelines to make a cost effective audit preparation.

  • Ensure that the firm you want to hire has expertise do perform audits perfectly. Experience can be the measurement to know the quality of their services.
  • If you get the firm, it is not advisable to make any expensive adjustments during the auditing process. This can lead to unexpected expenses and wastage of time.

Know your auditors well in terms of what their procedures are and requirements.