The rise of art and design careers in the UAE

Traditionally, works of art were displayed in galleries. Now, there has been an increase in art fairs and with good reason. Art has been touched by globalization and the world has become more accessible owing to the digital migration. The internet has been a huge part of this. Since its birth, fewer people visit galleries preferring the convenience, range, and effectiveness of the online world in meeting their need when it comes to art.

People can now access information such as prices on their handsets. Seeing as airfare is also affordable, they now prefer to be at fairs to get a wider range of choices. They are also a basis for socialization and networking.  They benefit the local economies, which has led to governments investing in them even more.

Online art companies have also been thriving. People can now purchase things like jewelry, designer bags and other objects made by artists all over the world from the internet. This has in many ways humanized art and made it possible to become more than a time-passing activity for the artists.

Crowdfunding sites and other design sites have been paying off with artisans taking advantage of the advances such as 3D printing to make money from their work.

A few decades ago, art from the Middle East was booming all over the world, being an ever sought after delight for collectors and other consumers of art. But with time the Islamic art took a more reserved stance in the world, unfortunately.

Then suddenly, unexpectedly, it made its way back to the world and took its deserved place in the hearts of many. Now, the creative world has started turning to the GCC and it is not hard to see why.

According to the DDFC (Dubai Design and Fashion Council), the design industry of the region will reach a net worth of more than $36 billion in less than five years.

It is not a surprise that galleries have come up in Dubai created around Art fairs. They have taken part in the development of the Design District.

One auction claimed to have sold more than $300 million in jewelry within a span of 10 years.

Now, more than ever, the Dubai artist can make a dime out of his creativity. Maybe this is owed to the innovative strategies of the government. Or maybe it is owed to the people’s relentless pursuit of excellence. Whatever the case, the world loves it.

Programs such as the Dubai Days Design have provided jobs for many artists and inspired many others to forge their own paths. New ideas have been discovered through educational talks, art fairs, and showcases.

The art is taking center stage because it has been changing with the times in many ways. New forms of art are being created by artists who desire to share their creativity with the world. You only need to visit neighborhoods such as Karama to see the variety of design articles being sold as souvenirs. Even street are such as graffiti has become common.