4 Benefits Of Taking An Art Therapy Class For Patients

When a person is facing a difficult life challenge, like an illness, he/she is more likely to focus on healing and managing the physical symptoms. Although this primary treatment is important, patients must also take other forms of therapy to ensure their holistic healing and recovery.

One of the fast-rising therapy being offered to patients today is art therapy. It has been said that art has the power to heal, and in this case, it might be true. Healing programs suggest art therapy and painting classes in Dubai to aid physical treatment and provide a number of benefits to the patient such as:


  1. Improve the patient’s morale


Being sick or getting into an accident can adversely affect one’s self-confidence. Most of these patients become depressed, which might worsen their condition and delay their recovery. What an art therapy in Dubai does is to help bring back the confidence and self-esteem of the person through artistic expression. Painting and engaging in the Arts can help lighten one’s mood and put him/her in a calm and peaceful state without the use of medicines.


  1. Improve emotional intelligence


When a person is in touch with his/her feelings, it is easier for him/her to deal with negative emotions and sentiments. Once the patients become attuned with their emotions, they can control this negative surge of emotion and handle their situation with a collected mind and heart. Art therapy encourages patients to express whatever emotion they are feeling through art and also provide a venue for cathartic release.


  1. Promotes presence of mind


Patients have a tendency to regress and replay negative situations in their mind or worry of what’s to come, due to their condition. What art therapy can do is to put the patients in a moment and helps them forget their condition even for a short period of time or keep them in the present and not worry about tomorrow. Being in the state of mindfulness will help the patients deal with their present situation, not the past or the future.


  1. Encourage emotional healing


Patients who are under dire stress due to an accident or illness can be irrational and emotional. This makes it even more for them to proceed with healing and physical therapy. Therapeutic art can help patients manage their emotions by expressing it through art and crafts. Painting what they are feeling would lessen the emotional stress they are feeling and put them in a better mood.