Expensive yachts celebrities own for partying and vacations

Celebrities these days are known for their spending habits. They make sure that they invest in their comfort and luxury. Here is a look into some of the most expensive yachts owned by celebrities both for vacationing and to hold a yacht party in Dubai in.

  1. Va Bene – Owner: Eric Clapton – $60 Million

Owned by one of the most popular singers known to us, Eric Clapton is sure blessed to have gotten his hands over this beautiful yacht known as Va Bene, which is literally packed with some of the most luxurious amenities known to mankind! The yacht has the capacity to accommodate 12 guests at a time. Va Bene is said to be around 157 feet, and comes with endless luxury amenities, several bedrooms, a rooftop deck, and a huge professional kitchen.

  1. Majraya – Owner: P. Diddy – Cost: $65 Million

Considering that P. Diddy is one of the most successful music producers, designers and rappers in the world, he sure would have the money to spend over Majraya – his private luxury yacht that he loves using. The living room of this yacht is made out of the softest leather, and has some of the most high-end amenities on board. The Majraya actually comes with a wet bar, a top deck floor that is particularly meant for parties, a stage and a projection television screen too!

  1. Vajoliroja – Owner: Johnny Depp = Cost: $70 Million

Counted amongst the most desirable men in the world, Johnny Depp doesn’t need an introduction. Keeping in line with his movie Pirates of the Caribbean, his yacht has a more so modern pirate ship appeal. The boat is believed to be around 47 meters. The name of the boat holds, or more so used to hold a special place in his heart for he took the initials Va from his ex-girlfriend’ name, Jo from his own, Liro from his daughter’s and ja from his son – well, after his breakup, he just might have to think of a new name for his precious boat!

  1. Main – Owner: Georgio Armani – Cost: $76 Million

Priced at $76 million, Main is a luxury yacht owned by the fashion designer Giorgio Armani. What truly sets this beautiful yacht apart from the rest is its pitch black color. It is known to feature amenities including a bar, swimming pools, ample guest suites, a luxurious designer kitchen, along with a luxury master that features an en-suite luxury bath. Not only does the designer allow for it to be used for magazine photo shoots that feature his lines, he throws plenty of yacht parties too.

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