Easy Steps To Get A Dubai Tourist Visa

Dubai is a fascinating place to visit for a number of reasons. You don’t get a better opportunity to have a great fun time with friends and family than to visit Dubai. However, the problem comes when people don’t know the basic visa rules and often end up in trouble. People shouldn’t be blamed for not knowing visa stipulations as Dubai immigration has a number of them. With multiple types of visas available, it often gets quite confusing for visitors as to which visa to apply for. If you are coming to Dubai for a work permit, you will be required to fulfill a completely different set of requirements. However, the rules change significantly for tourists and visit visa candidates. If you are from the latter category and want to know the cheapest tourist visa Dubai, here are some tips that might help you in your cause:

Know The Visa Rules For Your Country

If you are heading to Dubai from the US or 32 countries including those from the EU, you don’t need to acquire a pre-entry visa beforehand. As such, you have qualified for a Dubai visa by default right from the moment you landed at the airport. If you are coming from any of the GCC countries, you don’t need to acquire a visa at all. In fact, you can just enter and spend 30 days or more having fun. In the meantime, you can also qualify for a domestic help visa if you want. For those coming from non-GCC countries, you can still acquire a daily visa but that depends upon the country you are coming from. Also, you might need to have someone sponsor you’re the visa by a local tour operator or a hotel. Only then will you get a visa upon entering Dubai. To ensure that you will get the visa upon landing at the airport, you should contact your country’s embassy in Dubai.

Determine The Type Of Visa

If you don’t somehow qualify for a free visa, you might need to find a local sponsor for acquiring the visa. Make sure the sponsor you seek is a valid one and operates legitimately in Dubai. Your sponsor can be anyone entity from an airline to a hotel, depending upon who you prefer.

Keeping these tips in mind will surely help you qualify for most types of visas, including the 30 days UAE visa.