I will be totally honest here and say that even though I have thought about it many times and even talked to my husband about it, when it comes to car insurance we continue with the same provider we have had for over 10 years. It could just be that we are comfortable, plain lazy or it just gets pushed aside because other things just happen to come first. For example in the last couple months alone we have had two floods in our kitchen, one when overnight the refrigerator water dispenser hose just happened to decide to leak. Another when the water heater pressure valve blew sending the pressure to  the weakest area under our kitchen sink. So while we were watching an episode of Hell’s Kitchen, all Hell broke loose. Thank God we were home for that one, when we finally where able to turn off the valves, which by the way did not stop the water from  pouring out, as we scrambled and yelled ”what the Hell is going on.”

The truth is since before my husband and I were even married, we have never really taken the time to get a quote from another car insurance provider, ever. Why? Because it just has not been an emergency. But just this week another mishap, we had to replace the water heater because it was leaking even though it was only four years old -thank you warranty. But when I think of all the money we could be saving which we really could use lately on the plumber, who by the way is quickly becoming our best friend, and the contractor who will be replacing our kitchen floor. Well, it just makes me want to kick myself,  then my husband.

So when I was offered to hookup Snapshot from Progressive for 30 days, I thought why not, now is my chance to see how much we can save with another provider. You see Snapshot is a little device that you clip into your vehicles diagnostic port. Once you start your vehicle the little bugger is activated. While using Snapshot you can actually track your progress on Progressive.com. Snapshot shows you and Progressive things about your driving like how often you slam on the brakes, how many miles you drive each day, and what time of day you drive. Then after 30 days Progressive reads my personal Snapshot of my driving and if I could and should be paying less for auto insurance. Being a safe driver why should I be paying the same rate as a lousy driver. It all makes sense and for this very reason I am taking the Snapshot Test Drive. It’s about time!

Listen hear anyone can try Snapshot. You don’t need to switch your insurance to try it. Yup that’s the honest truth. So I will be sharing my best day-in-the-life driving story here with you guys and hopefully not boring you all to death. In the meantime I will also be running a Team Flo Swag Bag giveaway. So be sure to enter. In fact I love Flo so much I am actually jealous I don’t get a Flo Swag Bag.


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Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Progressive.


Progressive is changing the way drivers pay for auto insurance by creating a personalized insurance rate based on how you drive. With Snapshot*, available exclusively from Progressive, your safe driving can save you up to 30 percent on your car insurance. Plus, now anyone can try Snapshot – you don’t even need to switch your insurance. Drivers currently enrolled in the program on average save $150 per year.

* Snapshot is not available in all states or for all vehicles. So check if you qualify at Progressive.com today.

Win FLO Swag:

Progressive is allowing me the opporuntity to giveaway a bag of FLO Swag Bag (Flo costume, notebook, mints, t-shirt, and magnet) to one lucky reader of this blog. Enter below via Rafflecopter.

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All opinions expressed above are solely my own and I was under no obligation to post my experience with Snapshot. I was offered the opportunity to try snapshot and received a complimentary gas gift card to cover my gas while using the device. A thank you goes out to Progressive for sharing this giveaway with my readers.

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