Nintendo DS: Mama’s Combo Pack Volume 1 & 2 Review and Giveaway

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Mama’s Combo Pack Volume 1

(Cooking Mama & Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures)


Mama’s Combo Pack Volume 2

(Cooking Mama: Dinner with Friends 2 & Crafting Mama)

Nintendo DS 

Holiday Gift Guide 

Review & Giveaway 


Just in time for the holidays, Nintendo has released two adorable sets of Mama’s Combo Packs that are worth checking out. The bundled packages include the activities of cooking, camping, and crafting. These Nintendo DS games provide lots of fun and a learning experience. Originally released in single formats. If you have never played or were looking to purchase these games as a gift, now is  your chance. Grab two games in one with your choice of  two different Mama’s combo packs.

Volume 1 offers Cooking Mama bundled with Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures. There is actually a lot of things that can be learned from these games. If you have a child as I do you know that they like to spend time playing their Nintendo DS but with these games your young one will actually learn useful things. Cooking Mama, for example, offers up 75 REAL dishes that will teach you cooking techniques while you are playing. Yes, these are mini games, as I expected, but I didn’t expect my child would learn while playing, and yet while you play, these games actually guide you through the process of making these meals. In Camping Mama: Outdoor adventures you traverse your way through 38 levels of forest-type environments that will also have you or your young one picking up useful outdoor tips, like making smores and building a fishing pole. Although made for everyone I feel these games are age appropriate and would get the most use by the preteen and younger crowd. However they are lots of fun for adults also. I gave this game 4 stars.

Mama’s Combo Pack Volume 1 for Nintendo DS™ serves up a recipe for fun by combining the original best-selling classic Cooking Mama with Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures. In Cooking Mama, players use their stylus as the ultimate cooking utensil to create more than 75 real dishes under Mama’s watchful eye. Once they’ve mastered the kitchen, fans join Mama and her family on an exciting wilderness getaway. Players take the role of Mama’s son or daughter as they set up camp, interact with wildlife, endure forces of nature, and hunt for treasure through 38 levels and 100 different games.


 In the second bundle just as in the first Cooking Mama, you or your child can learn techniques for preparing 80 different recipes. I felt the graphics were greatly improved over the first Cooking Mama and I like the added effects to the game. In Crafting Mama, as you might expect, she will have you learning things like sewing, painting and other crafting activities like making jewelry, candles and quilts, all while playing games.  This combination pack is so much fun and turns out being my favorite. It will take your kids a very long time to get bored with this combo pack.

These games are easy to learn and play so they are truly for anyone but there is reading involved so you may have to help out younger children, if they aren’t quite old enough for some of the words. Rated “E” for everyone. I give this game 5 stars, for being fun, engaging, educational along with improved graphics.

Get creative both in and out of the kitchen with Mama’s Combo Pack Volume 2 for Nintendo DS™ that includes Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends and Crafting Mama. In Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends, Mama and her finicky friends will taste every dish and judge each kitchen creation. Players can make more than 80 new recipes from macaroons to shark fin soup, and customize Mama and her kitchen with unlockable goodies. Then it’s time to get crafty with Mama! As the premiere dedicated crafting game, Crafting Mama features 40 different projects where players are challenged to sew, mold, paint and cut with the stylus as they create jewelry, quilts, candles, mugs and even kaleidoscopes!

Purchase It:

Add these great stocking stuffers to your holiday list. Both Mama’s Combo Pack Volume 1 & Mama’s Combo Pack Volume 2 for the Nintendo DS will be available for purchase after their release November 13, 2013. You can find them on amazon at the links above. Retail value $29.99 each.

Win It:

Reverb and Majesco is allowing me the opportunity to giveaway one copy of each volume of Mama’s Combo pack Volume 1 & 2 for the Nintendo DS format,  to one lucky reader of this blog. $60 retail value. Enter below via Rafflecopter. Be sure to complete the Mandatory Entry to qualify. This giveaway ends November 27 at 11:59pm EST. Open to U.S. only. No PO Boxes. Please read bottom of Rafflecopter for additional information. Good Luck!!


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No compensation was received for this post. A complimentary Mama’s Combo Pack 1 & 2 was received and any opinions expressed above are solely my own. A thank you goes out to Majesco & Reverb for allowing me the opportunity to review these titles.

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  1. Allison says

    all of the Harvest Moon games

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I myself have always loved the cooking mama games

  2. barbara says

    I love Mario Kart as well as my son does but we also love cookin mama on WII so it is probably fun on DS