Why Letting Kids Choose Their Own School Is Crucial

Parents nowadays are giving more liberty to their children and having them involved in important decision-making situations like choosing schools. A lot of studies indicated on how this can help on the holistic development.

If you are having second thoughts on involving your kid on school selection process, these reasons might change your mind:


  1. Would make them feel comfortable and enthusiastic on going to school

Do you want your kid to be more enthusiastic about school? To start with, let them have a say on what primary schools in Sharjah they would like to go to.  Before enrollment, have them go through the selection process and asked your kid about their opinions on each school that you visited. They may not give a straight answer, but you can tell by their reactions. Since you gave them a part on the selection, they would feel that their opinions are important and that would encourage them to go to school of their choice.


  1. Empowers them to make their own decisions

Sometimes when parents do all the choosing, the child’s ability to choose and make their own decisions are put aside. If this happens often, children would be dependent of their parents and would find it hard to make decision of their own later in life. Foster their decision-making skills by involving them on school selection. Even as simple as knowing what American schools in Sharjah they think is best for them and where would they love to go is a good start.



  1. Helps them on identifying what they want

When parents do the choosing and selection on important matters regarding their children, their wants were often set aside. This would discourage them to be active and participate since they feel they are forced to do what they are told. When their opinions are regarded, parents can identify what their kids really want and what would be the best approach for them to achieve their goals.


  1. Encourages independent thinking

Even little kids need a taste of independence so they will feel free to do what they love. If you are going to decide for them, you are taking an important opportunity from them. By making their own decisions, even choosing school, you teaching them to be their own person. Remember that your kid is a unique individual with singular needs and wants.


  1. Making them feel they are accountable for something

Of course, choosing has its consequences. In this case, in a positive way. When you let your children decide, you are also teaching them the values of accountability and responsibility. Since you give them a hand on choosing their own school, they would need to reciprocate that by doing well in their studies and by going to school of their choice with less absences.