Tips To Enhance Your IELTS And Sat Score

Whether you intend to appear in IELTS or SAT, it is important to keep a few things in mind beforehand. Once you know how prepare, what and how to learn, you will be in a better position to high marks in the test. Similarly, neglecting any of these will likely result in low marks which will lead to failure. Here is more on what you must know to get the best IELTS preparation course in Dubai:

Rectify Your IELTS Weaknesses

Though you should enhance your strengths, it is ratifying your weaknesses that will lead you to success. Devote as much time to the weak areas as you can and attain more efficiency in it. Pay great attention to enhancing your reading and listening skills. Simulating the complete test is a great way to get more marks in the test. It will prepare you for the exam and will likely help improve your reading, writing and listening skills. Make the simulation as realistic as possible. Set your stop watch and try finishing each section within the same time as you’ll be doing in the test. Doing so will tremendously help your test taking skills and will likely become a handy tool to have on the exam day.


Preparing For SAT

If you find math difficult, try filling in the answer you think will be right. It is better to attempt the question than to leave it as is. Use the elimination process to fill the question. Type the answer you are not sure about but avoid the options you know are wrong. This will help you improve your score and you might get the answer right. Keep the calculator with you and use it where you think you need it. Better practice calculator functions before coming to the venue, it will help you get them right and use the pertinent function when needed.

Above all, the best way to appear in either test is to plan it ahead of the test in a strategic way. Once you’ve done that, start practicing for the test and give it your best try.

Using these tips will likely help you get the best score in your IELTS and SAT tests. Just make sure you get the best institution for your SAT prep Dubai.