Here’s what makes Golf stand out from the rest of the sports

Golf is a world famous, classy sport. It does not only offer a healthy lifestyle, a serene environment and an opportunity to bond with others, but also lets your create your own strategy, improving your mental power. According to a research study that was recently carried out and was named “Golf Around The World”, there are 34,011 golf courses around the world and 45 percent of them are in the United States of America!

There are not many sports offering such a wide variety of benefits in almost all aspects of a lifestyle. If truth be told, a number of people simply take up golf for the many different benefits that it has to offer. Here is a detailed look into the different benefits that you can reap by trying your hand at this amazing game called golf:

Health benefits

On an average, walking a course for a round can range between five and seven kilometres. Hence, walking around 18 holes at least three to five times in a week can serve as an optimum level of endurance exercise that is much required for the overall well-being of your heart. Pulling your clubs or even carrying them in each round, can burn more calories. Besides, regularly playing golf can tone your muscles, increase endurance and help you lose body fat.
Lifestyle Benefits

Golf can be a great way to enhance your lifestyle. While you may be able to freshen yourself up and take a break from your daily routine, golf can be a great way to stay in touch with your friends. Especially those women who feel the need to get out of the house and take some fresh air can plan to take ladies golf lessons with their peers and have a great time.

Besides, it offers a great opportunity to meet new people, socialize and develop a sense of community connectedness.

Starting to play

The best way to get started with the sport is to learn the basics before you hit the course. Look at here and discover how you can benefit from various beginners lessons available for your ease. However, if you have a group of friends who know the sport, then you can learn from them as well. Gathering up and hiring a club, making your way around your local public golf course can also be an enjoyable way of learning the sport.