DewStop Condensation Sentry Fan Switch Review & Giveaway

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DewStop Condensation Sentry Fan Switch


My bathroom fans have turned intelligent and I am also saving money in the process with the DewStop Condensation Sentry Fan Switch. When I cam across the DewStop I knew this was the answer to my bathroom condensation problems. We have two full baths in my home and the bath shared by my elderly mother and son is a major problem, for the simple fact that neither turn on the bathroom fan when they shower.

In the bathroom my husband and I share, we have a problem with forgetting to turn off the fan. This is quit a problem especially when either one of us or both are in a hurrying and need to be out the door quickly. Who really has time or wants to hang around to monitor a bathroom fan until the condensation has clears. Not me and I can’t even get half of the household to use the bathroom fan when it is mostly needed.


Installation was easy pretty easy however we had to prepare. Since our bathrooms both have the same setups with the fan and two light switches. We needed to purchase a Rocker Toggle combo face plate to fit both our baths. Since we had a problem finding a swich plate to fit our switches my husband decided to purchase new toggle switches..

Tools Needed:

Tools required were a Phillips and a flathead screw driver. Safety first the breaker for the bathroom was shut off.  My husband began installation by first removing the old face plate then removing the exciting fan switch and light switches. The fan wire was identified then connected to the DewStop switch then ,light switches were connected and all switches were  hooked back up to the junction box. *Note: There is a fourth white wire  which is not shown on the DewStop installation video which must be connected to the white wire in your junction box. Wires were then pushed into the wall and the new face plate was put in place. You can find a clear and easy instructions and a video for installation of your DewStop n the DewStop Blog.

My husband removing the old switches.

 Removing switches.

Installation complete in bath one.

and Bath two.

I feel better with the DewStop installed as it protects the investment my husband and I have worked hard for, our home. Now when my mom or son shower and the condensation begins to build the fan is automatically turned on and runs until the bath is clear then shuts off. In fact now I am planning to paint this bath which had acquired some mildew above the shower area due to the condensation building up in that room. In the bath my husband and I share we now are saving money as the bathroom fan does not run unneccessary for hours until we take notice.

The Dew Stop is a revolutionary low maintenance product that contains a built-in sensor and fan timer. When moisture in the air becomes to heavy for the air to support the moisture,  this moisture moves to surfaces in your bathroom, walls, mirrors, cabinets even windows causing structural and cosmetic damage. If you have the Dew Stop installed this is when the Dew Stop sensors kick in, turning on your room fan and keeping it on until the moisture clears from your room helping to prevent damage and costly repairs. Once the condensation has cleared the Dew Stop automatically turns off your bathroom fan. We all know what mold and mildew looks like and how harmful it is to our health with the Dew Stop you controls bathroom condensation to help stop mold and mildew from building in your bath.. The Dew Stop also has a manual switch which can be used at anytime.

Dew Stop can be used in bathrooms, sun rooms, spa rooms laundry rooms and anywhere condensation builds. The sensor contains a blue led light indicator



The DewStop has been featured in  the Popular Science Magazine in their “Best of What’s New,” as well as in publications including The Family Handyman, This Old House, and Handyman Club of America Magazine .

Purchase One:

DewStop is available for purchase online at the web store in two models. A Fan Switch FS-100 retail value of $44.95 and also in a Fan & Light Switch FS-200 that retails for $54.95. Both come in a white and light almond.

Win One:

GTR Technologies, Inc is allowing me the opportunity to giveaway one DewStop Condensation Sentry Fan Switch FS-100 in white to one lucky reader of this blog. Retail value $44.95. Enter below via Rafflecopter.

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I have not received any monetary compensation for this review. I have received complimentary samples of the DewStop and any opinions expressed above are solely my own. A thank you goes out to GTR Technologies, Inc for allowing me the opportunity to review the DewStop and for sharing this giveaway with my readers.

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  1. Cindy says

    We leave the fan on after showers. We usually forget to turn it off, so the fan is on for hours.

  2. yourpotofgold says

    That is pretty cool. Our little bathroom gets steamy for sure. This would totally help us out.

  3. pamela james says

    This would be good for my bathroom, the kids either forget to put the fan on or they forget to turn it off.
    pjames330 at aol dot com