Cystex Cranberry Urinary Health Complex Review and Giveaway Ended

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What is this?

Giveaway is for both Cystex Plus and Cytex Cranberry and is open to U.S. residents only.

Do you suffer from recurrent UTI (urinary tract infections)? Or are you one of hundreds of women who end up with a UTI inconveniently on the weekend or while away from home. I have been their and done that. For some reason these pesky UTI symptoms always seem to show up during the worst times. You can find relief during those times with Cystex® PLUS Urinary Pain Relief Tablets and now help prevent them with Cystex Cranberry Urinary Health Complex.


Putting a Myth to Rest:


Ever since I got that first pesky UTI as a teen I have always believed that UTI’s were caused by bacteria getting into the bladder. However I have since learned this is incorrect and UTI’s are caused by inhabition of normal urination and bacteria that does not get out of the bladder. Some common factors that may cause this to happen include dyhydration, kidney stones, menapause, birth control, other excisting infections and irritation to the urethra or it’s opening by sexual intercouse or wearing tight fitting garments even poor body posture.


I had a chance to try Cystex Cranberry Urinary Heatlh Complex and was surprised by what a simple and healthy solution this supplement is for urinary health. If like me you become paranoid at that slight tingle or burning sensation which has left you chugging down the a whole bottle of cranberry juice. You know how awlful it you can feel after comsuming all that surgary high calorie juice only to wonder if it will help.


With Cystex Cranberry you get none of that sugar and it is clinically proven to promote urinary heatlh. All you do is add one tablespoon of Cytex Cranberry to a glass of juice or your favorite drink once a day. Cystex Cranberry has a mild taste that blends in well with any drink. Prevention is the key here. But if you are already feeling you may have a UTI but know you can’t make it to your physician for a day or two than Cystex Plus is what you need.


Cystex Plus helps by providing relief form pain and burning while they also contain an antibacterial agent to slow the progression of the infection until you can get to your doctor. No worries about  orange urine or staining your underwear with Cystex Plus. To learn more about UTI’s or Cystex visit today.

About Cystex Cranberry Urinary Health Complex:

Cystex® Cranberry Urinary Health Complex is a great-tasting, drug-free, daily supplement that is clinically proven to promote urinary health. Cystex® Cranberry Complex combines the health benefit of eight glasses of cranberry juice in its unique, convenient Proantinox® cranberry formula – and is sugar free! More than just cranberry concentrate, its proprietary blend also contains D-Mannose, inulin, bromelain, and vitamin C, a formulation designed to boost bladder health. Retail price of $9.95 (7.6 fl oz).

About Cystex PLUS Urinary Pain Relief Tablets :

Cystex® PLUS Urinary Pain Relief Tablets are a great over-the-counter remedy to keep handy, so that you can be prepared for the next inopportune time painful UTI symptoms occur.


Unlike other non-prescription UTI products, with Cystex® PLUS Urinary Pain Relief Tablets, you can manage UTI symptoms from two angles! Thedual-action formula has an analgesic to relieve the pain/burning, as well as an antibacterial agent (methenamine) to inhibit the progression of the infection…so that you can keep up with your “double action” life — until you are able to get an appointment to see a doctor. (If you’ve ever experienced a UTI, you might remember how quickly the early symptoms progressed into a full-blown infection with the pain, burning and frequency associated with UTIs!) And another plus – Cystex Plus Urinary Pain Relief Tablets won’t discolor your urine and stain your underwear. Retail price of $9.25 for 40-count tablets and $15.95 for a 100-count package.

*Disclaimer: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases”.

Purchase Cystex:

Both Cystex Plus and Cystex Cranberry Urinary Health Complex are available for purchase near you at Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Duane Reade and as well as nationwide at many other fine stores and drug retailers. They are also available for purchase online at as well as

Win It:


DSE Healthcare Solutions is allowing me the opportunity to giveaway a package consisting of Cystex PLUS Urinary Pain Relief Tablets (40 count) and Cystex Cranberry Urinary Health Complex to one lucky reader of this blog. Retail value $19.20.

Mandatory Entry:

Additonal Entries:


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Giveaway Ends Friday June 1, 2012. Winner will be chosen via the random generator and have 48 hours to get back to me before another winner is chosen. Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Be sure to add to your inbox as this is the only way I will be contacting you if you win. No PO Boxes. 


I have not received any monetary compensation for this review. I have received complimentary Cystex samples and any opinions expressed above are solely my own. A thank you goes out to Cystex for allowing me the opportunity to try their products. This blog post is the sole property and copyright of @autumnbluesreviews. Please do not copy without my permission. Thank you.

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  1. says

    When I was younger and always on the go, I wound up in the ER with a UTI
    and when they were releasing me, I passed out.
    Needless to say, I stayed under surveillance for a few more hours.

  2. says

    I am one of the unfortunate people who suffer from UTIs with some regularity. I don't have a particular horror story, but it is annoying and sometimes painful and they drive me nuts!

    Thanks for this chance!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  3. says

    The worst was at my son's wedding. Not only did I have a large kidney stone that was giving me pain, but the darn stone somehow kept giving me UTIs. Naturally the worst day of all was my son's wedding day.

  4. Anonymous says

    I have found that the Triple Strength Cranberry
    gel caps ( Nature's Bounty) are great for preventing UTI's. But I would really like to try Cystex – that is a new product to me.
    Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  5. Anonymous says

    Spacemonkey907 (at) says: It never fails- you go on a nice trip somewhere… away from it all, romantic, so of course you have lots of romance…. of course you get a UTI. Happened to me on a Mexican CanCun trip. The trip on the plane home was awful.

  6. says

    My worst UTI was while I was on vacation. I had to find an emergency clinic and wait 2 hours to be seen by the Dr. Not a fun way to start a vacation .