Clean + Green Furniture Refresher by Seayu Review and Giveaway

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Clean + Green Furniture Refresher is a very versatile product with a completely biodegradable ingredients. This is very important to me as the more natural the product and the less cleaning products I store in my home the better for me and my family.

Although originally formulated as a dog urine and stain remover Clean + Green Furniture Refresher has a variety of different uses. It not only helps pet owners clean and freshen their home it completely removes those odor causing stains for good. It has a many other uses in your home so really you don’t need to be just a pet owner to use it.

In my family the men in my house can really smell up my living room furniture. While my husband seems to have his favorite spot on the loveseat my son wanders all over the furniture even his feet end up places I rather they not be like right on the pillows. They both can really sweat it up especially in the summer. So a review of Clean + Green Furniture Refresher in my home did not just include areas were my pets hang out.


My two most favorite places to use Clean + Green Furniture Refresher are my living room furniture and the kitchen trash receptacle. Clean + Green sent me a sheet with some great tips and tricks and when it comes to my trash can after I remove the garbage I spray Clean + Green inside and wipe it down while working it into the surface. This helps keep my can fresh and smelling really good until I get the chance to give it a good scrub.

I also helps me freshen my dogs beds as it works instantly with an easy to spray nozzle it is powerful and effective everywhere I use it. It freshens my curtains especially those places where my dogs rub up against them when looking out the windows.


But most importantly it is safe for people, pets and the planet and I love that the bottle is completely be recycled.
Places you can and must use Clean + Green Furniture Refresher:
Carpet and Area Rugs
Oriental Rugs
Auto Carpet
Pet Beds
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Clean + Green is generously allowing me the opportunity to giveaway one can of Clean + Green (choice of product) to one lucky reader of this blog. Clean + Green has other great products to see their full line visit Enter via Rafflecopter below.

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I have not received any monetary compensation for this review. I have received a complimentary sample of Clean + Green FR and any opinions expressed above are solely my own. A thank you goes out to Seayu for allowing me the opportunity to try their product. This blog post is the sole property and copyright of @autumnbluesreviews. Please do not copy without my permission. Thank you. “Autumn Blues Reviews”

What is this?


  1. Margot C says

    We have a great big cozy chair in the living room that Leonardo the tuxedo cat decided at some point was his to lounge upon. He is an indoor/outdoor cat with long fluffy fur and a genuine indifference to the feline art of self-grooming. He is such a stinker that occasionally he just has to be bathed in the sink. I try to put a towel down on this chair for him but really it just does not smell nice there so this would be my first stop. I like that the ingredients would not be toxic to him.

    • AutumnBlues says

      Thank you for stopping and entering Margot. Too funny! Sounds like Leonardo has the best seat in the house. lol. I use Clean + Green on our dogs beds in between washing and believe me I would never do this with regular over the counter air freshener. So I know exactly what you mean.