Bright\Cycle Falcon: Ultra Bright LED Bike Light & Charger -Enjoy Your Night Rides Safely

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bright cycle bicycle light

What is this?

My husband and I do a lot of bike riding and hit the ride trails in our area. We enjoy riding later in the evening when the sun is starting to set and find that is the best time for us. There are less walkers, which include people walking dogs, and parents with young children. The runners also hit the trails at this time as it is so much cooler during summer. The trails we use run along an old rail line and trees line both areas in most places and even a creek. Because we like to hit the trail as late as possible, before the sun sets, sometimes that can be difficult which at times leaves us riding through a dark trail. Due to this situation, a bike light is a must have.

bright cycle bicycle light 2

The Bright\Cycle Falcon is a high quality bike light that also doubles as a high-powered zoomable flashlight. There are many things that make this light unique and stand out from other bike lights on the market. The Falcon contains an ultra bright LED globe which allows for you to change between a Spotlight and Floodlight beam shape with a click. While on the trail we have a choice of 5 Light Modes, Lo/Med/Hi/and also a Strobe/SOS mode, making this light very versatile. As the trail changes we come upon areas where more light is needed or open areas when no light is needed. The Falcon makes it super easy to make adjustments during these changing conditions with a press of the button. One feature I really like, is the adjustable beam shapes. This lets you change it up from a wide flood light to a tighter spot beam, all by turning the head of the light. all which can easily be done while riding. I found the Falcon to contain an excellent long distance light beam which is also impressive at it widest position. I would totally recommend this light to anyone in the market to purchase a bike light.

bright cycle bicycle light 3

The Falcon is lightweight, durable, shockproof and totally waterproof so you can ride through anything. Another unique aspect of this light is how it is totally rechargeable and includes a 18650 Lithium Ion rechargeable battery and a charger. As long as you are charged you are set to go, not having to search for batteries. Included is also an adapter for 3 AAA batteries, which comes in handy just in case you forgot to charge it and have batteries on hand.

18650 Lithium Ion rechargeable battery

falcon bike light connected to charger


falcon mounting bracket and guard

Installation of Bright\Cycle Falcon Bike Light:

Installation is EXTREMELY easy and can be done in minutes. To install this bike light, merely pick the location that you want to install this on your bike handlebar. Place the protective rubber handlebar guard inside the mounting bracket to provide both protection from scratching your handlebar as well as increased strength when tightening the bolts to secure the bike light. Slide the holding bracket down onto the bike frame and tighten by using an allen wrench or pliers. The mounting bracket rotates so it doesn’t matter which direction your handlebar is running where you intend to mount it. Once the mounting bracket is installed snap the light into place and if necessary rotate the bike light to a forward position.

Photos of Falcon Bike Light installed: 

My bike is a little rough around the edges. I am looking forward to a new bike purchase once the weather breaks in our area. Even more so now that I have the perfect bike light. Now I just need to purchase one for my hubby’s bike and we are set.

bright cycle bike light 3

Installs quickly and easily.

bright cycle


bright cycle bike light

About BrightCycle:

All lights are tested extensively 10 year warranty and 90 money back no questions asked guarantee.

  • Rechargeable Battery & Charger Included
  • Ultra Bright CREE U2 LED with 5 Light Modes (Lo/Med/Hi/Strobe/SOS)
  • Easily switch between Spotlight & Floodlight beam shapes
  • Attaches and removes easily. Doubles as Safety Flashlight.
  • No Risk – 90 Day Moneyback Guarantee & 10 Year Warrant

Where to Purchase:

You can find the Bright\Cycle Falcon Bike Light for purchase on

bright cycle bike light 2

A product sample was provided to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed above are my own. A thank you goes out to Bright\Cycle for sharing.

What is this?

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