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I had been thinking about joining some online survey site so I could earn some extra income for myself but had been leery due to all the scams I had heard about. I also was not sure if I even believed this was actually possible, for me to make income on a site dong surveys. My curiosity increased when I ran across another blogger who specifically had a survey site posted which she uses and makes income from. I read her review and decided it was worth a try since I trusted her and her review seemed honest. I went to the site and registered, it was quick and simple. I waited for my first survey and made sure I completed it right away. I was not qualified for it nor was I qualified for the second one either. But she had said you will not qualify for everything and so I just kept plugging along. I was not disappointed with that site in particular and I am still a member as of this update 8/3/2011. The survey site she referred to is below. Now I always make sure I get to the surveys as soon as possible because they do have a limit of people and they fill quickly.

I then started joining other survey sites, and to my dismay, I have been very disappointed with some and downright angry with others. This has lead me to write this post/review on this topic with the hope that it can help others out. .If you would like to do online surveys for income but don’t know where to start this post will give you a little info on some of sites to check out and those to absoletly avoide. I will be listing surveys sites here and will be adding more as I go along and review them, as I have more time. I will be giving them a full review, which means telling you what I liked about them, what I hated, what you can expect and how they pay you and other tips. Please sure to add me to your Goggle Friend Connect if you are interested.

 Review List of Online Survey Sites:


1. Opinion Outpost: This is an online survey site that I came across that had been reviewed by another blogger, which I then joined, because of that review. By far this site has been the easiest I have joined. I logged in then under My Account, then filled out my personal information which took me less than five minutes to complete. Next you go to Member Profiles and there you click and complete the profiles available. These do not need to be done all at once and you can do one a day if you would like. These profiles help Opinion Outpost so they can find the surveys to match your interests from health, leisure, shopping , travel and others. The quicker you fill these out the sooner you receive surveys and the more surveys you will be eligible for. For each survey you complete, you receive Opinion Points which are listed and can be found under Rewards and can be redeemed for cash. Every 50 points earn you $5 and you can request a check after you have accumulated 50 points or you can just build it up until you are ready to cash them in.

So far I have over 100 points and I have only been on this site for about a week. At my rate I estimate $15 a week or $60 a month. If you were planning on making major bucks survey-taking is not for you. Now, you do need to remember this all depends on how many surveys you are eligible for and how many you work at. Also they do fill up so get to them as soon as you can. Another thing you need to know is that these credits do come in slowly. The survey companies need to confirm with Opinion Outpost that you have taken the surveys and it can take a few days to credit.  However once you get going with these you can have income coming in on a regular basis.  Also they are quick to get back to you. If you every have a problem with a survey just send them a note but make sure you give the survey number so they know which survey you are referring to.  Right now you can trade your points in for a mailed check, and they also have been partnering with some gift card sites like,, Citi gift card, Alaware Games online,  or you can donate your points to the American Red Cross. They do not have paypal however it has taken 2-3 weeks for me to get my check once I cash in my points.


This site is rated by me as Best. 

 click here to join now.


2. Global Survey Group:  On review of this site, this site had a short log.  I was then sent to the registration page which turned out to be a list of survey companies which I was to click yes or no to, many I was a member of already.  I clicked no to all  and was then sent through multiple pages of ads to click on for offers like book clubs,  Direct TV, etc..  After clicking no to all I was sent to a page with a list again that stated these were surveys I qualified for and I would start receiving checks when I clicked on some of these offers. When I clicked it on a couple it gave me survey companies again some were the same I had said no to in the beginning and which I was already a member of. They claim to deliver the best surveys on the web so you can get paid. I went through and read how I was supposed to register for receiving these surveys since I had already confirmed my email. I clicked on register and it took me back to the page with the list of survey companies which I was to click yes or no to.

So this site was a waste of time my time and I concluded it is just a company making money off of referring you to other survey companies. Not a direct site to go to for taking surveys. They claim they want to offer you amazing rewards for taking their surveys when they have no surveys for you to take. But wait you “might even win a grand prize” well I will save you by not telling you the amount of the prize because now after this review it might just make you run right over there to enter. Not….Let’s just say I saved Global Group some emails and did unsubscribe after about 15 minutes, that’s how long it took me to read the whole site.  After I went around in a circle I was done. Bad Global group you stink. Check back tomorrow for another site.

This site is listed as one of the Worst.

3. Survey Spot: Although I was a little unsure about this company at first I really like it and for different reasons. The surveys I have taken for this site have been really interesting and not at all boring. Survey Spot offers a few different rewards and options. Prize draw entries that qualify you for an entry into a quarterly cash prize. Regardless of whether or not you qualify to complete a whole study, for every Spot survey you take and finish. They have Spot challenges and points for surveys. Selected surveys offer points for those who qualify and complete a survey. 1000 points is equivalent to $10 which you can then convert to cash through Pay Pal or you can use your points for Web Shop vouchers.

The vouchers are something new they are starting now and it has not been completely implemented yet. It consists of brand name shops like Foot Locker, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and others where you can redeem your points. You receive emails with small surveys which you have a choice of taking to be entered into drawings. The larger surveys are point based and are the ones you want to be sure to take to earn the points. Be sure to pay attention and read the emails so you know what kind of survey you are clicking into. You are not sent offers to join anything it is a survey based company. You also may receive offers to participate in home studies for products. I have done many and have enjoyed participating every time. They keep you posted on when they will ship you the product and when you will be sent the surveys to complete for the products. Be sure to keep a calendar as you must be home to accept some items especially if they are frozen.

You can join here Survey Spot.
Survey Spot gets a thumbs up from me!

4. Panda Research: Good old Panda Research is using that lovely panda picture and putting it to shame. Another company claiming to pay you to do surveys, but using what I call the switcherro technique. What they call surveys are actually offers you must sign up for and then they gave you a short survey to take after you join the company. Lets start with what the offers actually look like see below.

Looks good doesn’t it? You click to Begin Survey and then you get taken to the BOMC, which for those of you who do not know would be the Book of the Month Club. You then end up on the page below.


I just had to make a comment here on “About the Evaluation”. See the first sentence how the purpose of this survey is to become a member of the BOMC. I thought the purpose of surveys was for you to give your honest opinion and time and get paid for doing it. Am I missing something here?

Below is the end of the page where it tells you to click “Begin the Evaluation” which takes you to the BOMC site and then you must come back after you join and click the “Begin Survey” button. Once you click on the Begin Survey button you are asked a bunch of dumb questions like; How was your experience joining the site? I am sure they don’t look at these answers since their true purpose is getting you to join these sites.

At this point I don’t know who I am more upset with. The book club for being affiliated with this company, who is trying to scam people trying to make a few extra bucks or Panda Research itself. It makes me wonder why these book clubs are going to such extremes to get people to join. Is the Internet having such an effect on their book clubs. What comes next Barnes and Noble going out of business. Once the older generation who are computer illiterate have passed away will our libraries start closing down due to government cuts because they are not being used anymore. A scary thought isn’t it, but could be reality.
Let me cut this short and get right to the point. I give Panda Research a thumbs down for deceptive practices, as trying to get people to join sites and companies calling and these practices surveys. Stay away people!
Panda Research gets a big Thumbs down from me!

5. PINECONE RESEARCH: On review of this site I have found it to be one of the ones I will certainly be staying with Pinecone Research. With Pinecone Research you are not overwhelmed with surveys everyday. You receive a survey about 2-3 times a month and sometimes you can be asked to participate in the review of a product at your home which is completely voluntary. From time to time they do send you questions regarding your household. These questions assist them in evaluating you so they can send you the appropriate product surveys.

One other thing I did like about this company is the duration of their surveys, they are usually always about 15-20 minutes. So you know ahead of time that with them you will not be stuck with a boring survey that seems never ending

You have a choice of either being paid by check or Pay Pal and the first check I received was automatic. I didn’t have to claim it, in fact I didn’t even know it was coming. I then went in and changed my settings to Pay Pal, since I am environmentally conscious. With Pinecone you cannot accumulate your payment they send a check or a payment after each survey is processed.

This company is good to use on the side, especially if you already have another survey company you use that keeps you busy. They are very professional, their site is very simple and you receive no spamming from them.

I give a this company a thumbs up!    



6.harris Poll Online: A review of this survey site has shown to be completely positive and professional. You receive a few surveys a month depending on what your background is. For completing the surveys you receive what they call HIpoints which can be redeemed through a private category of prizes called the HIpoints Folio. You can either choose Internet gift cards for many fine retailers or you can choose gifts you like from their Folio. harris Poll surveys are not boring, repetitive or long and you are not bombarded with more than a couple a week at the most. The only drawback with this survey site is it does take longer to build up points, however it is a great site if you have other survey sites that already keep you busy.

I give this site a thumbs up!



7. Signature Surveys: This survey site is a total scam. I placed the link here only so you can become familiar with it if you come across it. I received offers claiming I was going to make huge amounts of money. Most times their offers are so ridiculous it is a shame this place is online and they continue to operate. Below is a clip of one survey offer I received for you to view. I am not going to go into further detail with this site as it has already bombarded my email with tons of trash and I consider it a waste of my time. Stay away from Signature Surveys unless you want a headache.

I give this site a thumbs down 100%!

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