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Anybody’s Daughter

by Pamela Samuels Young

A fast paced, inconceivable thriller that will give you a new perspective on child sex trafficking.

As my first experience with this author I would have to say it was totally positive, I don’t read thrillers often, however, when I do, I like when they are based on realistic aspects. Anybody’s Daughter is fast paced and breathtaking, one of the best thrillers I have read in a long time. This story is based on the realities of child sex trafficking, although the book fiction, child sex trafficking is not and Young shares the legal system as seen through her own eyes and experiences. As the story unfolds the reader learns how and why these young girls are being exploited as well as the loopholes in our legal system that allows this to happen. I thought I knew everything there was to know when it came to child sex trafficking, but this book taught me I didn’t and has given me a whole new perspective.

The main character in this story is Brianna, a thirteen-year-old who is excited that a presumed boy has shown interest in her on Facebook. Her mother had not allowed her a Facebook account, but Brianna got around it when her uncle Dre purchased her a Smartphone as a gift. Although Brianna’s father is not in the picture she has a loving mother, grandmother and a strong bond with her Uncle Dre. Soon after the start of the book, Brianna is set to meet her Facebook friend and one morning lies to her mother about having to get to school early, in the meantime she heads to the location where she is to meet her new friend. Brianna ends up abducted and tangled in a web of a sex child trafficking ring, but Brianna is a fighter and so is her Uncle Dre, soon her abductors start to question whether they have made a big mistake.

The characters and scenarios in this book couldn’t be more realistic. I liked how Brianna’s Uncle Dre fought while using every possible resource, including his old friends, in trying to find his niece, even if it was done vigilante style. This story is also very thought-provoking, you get a glimpse of the court system, the process and those who spend their time trying to fight a system that is realistically never-ending . You meet fictional characters that represent real people who work daily to provide support and protection to these children. I was also left wondering, if Brianna was my child, what would I do in this situation. Would I leave it to the authorities who are already overwhelmed and immediately toss these cases into the category of runaways, making it even more difficult to locate these children, or would I take matters into my own hands and do anything possible to find my child, even if my actions were illegal.

If you are searching for a great thriller that is stimulating and inconceivable, all the while leaving you on the edge of your seat, this would be the one for you.

A Five (*****) Star Review


Thirteen-year-old Brianna, a bright child sheltered by a  loving family, is infatuated with a “boy” who has been flirting with her on Facebook. She’s excited to finally meet him face to face during a rendezvous on  her way to school one morning. Too late, Brianna realizes there is no “boy.”  She’s snatched by members of a sex trafficking ring who thrust her into a  horrifying world she had never imagined. Real-life details about the growing  plague of child sex trafficking in the United States emerge as Angela, an  attorney who works with young trafficking victims, joins Brianna’s Uncle Dre, a  reformed drug dealer, in the search for the girl. Will they be able to get to  her before it’s too late?

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Publication Date: Releases November 5, 2013
  • Publisher: Goldman House Publishing

About the author:

pamela samuels young author

When attorney and author Pamela Samuels Young isn’t  practicing law, you can usually find her penning her next legal thriller.  Described by one reviewer as “John Grisham with a sister’s twist,” she is the  author of multiple mysteries with a legal bent. Pamela has achieved a successful  writing career while working as Managing Counsel for Labor and Employment Law  for Toyota, specializing in labor and employment law and social media law. A  former journalist, she began her broadcasting career with WXYZ-TV in Detroit and  later worked as a news writer and associate producer for KCBS-TV in Los Angeles.  A popular motivational speaker, Pamela also addresses writing, diversity,  discrimination law and pursuing your passion. Pamela is married and lives in the  Los Angeles area.

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