4 Behavioral Facts You May Not Know About Your Dog, But You Should


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These 4 Behavioral Facts Make Dog Training Easier

Dogs are not people, but they do have ways of behaving that are easy for people to understand. Knowing these important facts about your dog will make training them go a lot smoother.

Dogs and Memory

Dogs do not have good memories. That seems odd, but it’s true. That’s why they quickly forget that trick you tried teaching them. What they are good at is associating things with certain behaviors. When you reward your dog for following a command they associate the treat with that good action.

Dogs Like Routines

Dogs are similar to children in that they do best when they have a structured routine to follow. When there is structure they know that certain times of the day they will be doing training with their best buddy. This leads to better bonding between you and your dog. They will also respond better to training, because it is their special time with you.

Communicating With Dogs

Sometimes people get frustrated with dogs when they don’t follow what they are being told. The reason is that they do not yet understand what you mean. There is a language barrier that needs to be respected. Do not yell at them for getting a command wrong. Patiently repeat commands while using responsible training techniques.

Dogs Crave Attention

Dogs love spending time with you and other friendly people they know. Ignoring them is a humane punishment over harsher ones.

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